Syrup Becomes More Profitable Thanks to Tech


There is nothing in the world that is quite like maple syrup. Anyone who is a fan of that gooey syrup can tell you that, and they can tell you what exactly is off about the imitation stuff. It should come as no shock that the making of said syrups is a profitable industry in and of itself, but you may not know that the science of extracting syrup is going high tech. According to information first brought to light by National Public Radio the technological advances made by the syrup industry have enhanced yields and make the business even more profitable.

In Vermont most of the syrup is pulled out of tree by a vacuum tube system, one that allows for enhanced profitability. The system allows the harvest in the state was big business in 2012, yielding about 40 million in revenue. This was a double in the value of the syrup business from numbers collected in 2006.  The system also allows the farmers to work leaner, with less of a head count. So while it is good for profits it may not be that good for employment in the state.

Image Source: Morgue File