This T-Rex Illusion Will Blow Your Mind!

T-Rex IllusionT-Rex Illusion

Look at that cute little T-Rex.  What's bizarre is that when you walk around the room, he turns his head and continues watching you.  How did it do that?

This first video shows a few examples of the T-Rex in action.  They range in size from tiny table-top models to one that looks to be around 4-feet tall.  Check it out:

Pretty neato, huh?  But how is it done?  As luck would have it, there is a video that provides a detailed look at how to manufacture this friendly looking paper carnivore--and its pretty mind-blowing.

Now imagine turning using this talent for evil.  Instead of making a cute critter, manufacture the scariest damn monster you can think of.  Make it big... like seven-feet-tall.  Make sure that the eyes glow.  Then put it in the corner of your room mate's bedroom.  And just wait.  Just wait.

Amazing T-Rex Illusion video posted by brusspup on December 23, 2013.

How to Make the T-Rex Illusion! video posted by Nihar Parekh on January 13, 2014.