T3 Motion Releases CT3 Commuter Vehicle Concept

A few years ago, a company called T3 Motion began designing low cost means of transportation that were both clean and practical. Recently, the company has released details about the latest in their line of eco-friendly vehicles, which has been dubbed the CT3.

The CT3 uses the same drive train setup as the T3 Trike. It also shares the same Lithium Polymer battery stack and supporting electronics. From the batteries, power is diverted to all three wheels and can propel the vehicle to a top speed of about 45mph. Independent suspension provides a smooth ride while brakes at each wheel can bring the CT3 to a halt in no time at all.

The cabin has been designed to keep drag to a minimum, which explains the quasi-fastback look, and anywhere metal wasn't absolutely necessary, it wasn't used. Inside, simplicity reigns supreme. Nothing that isn't crucial to operation has found its way into the cabin.

T3 plans on entering the CT3 in the Automotive X Prize, which means they are able to meet the 100mpg minimum requirement.

T3 Motion
Jul 5, 2009
by Anonymous

Mass produce this?

T3 Motion & Honda wow some Team.

Id rent this, not own

Ideal for Urban traffic use only.

Need longer range for suburban use.