T6 Delivers Filtered Water At Any Temperature


A few decades ago who would have ever thought that water would be such a big seller?  If you told someone that you were going to put water in bottles and sell it to people you would have been laughed at.  These days a large number of us buy water in one way or another, whether it be in bottles from the store, in large jugs for our homes or just by paying into a filtration system.  Even with all of the money we put into water though, we still have to work to get it the temperature that we want it for each particular purpose.



The T6 Water Dispenser is looking to simplify our daily water needs.  Once installed to your main water supply it will filter and dispense at four different temperatures – chilled, ambient, hot and boiling hot.  In the filtration process it is said to remove sand, silt, chlorine and rust to 0.6 micron, while also eliminating odors.  A micro-organism destroying UV lamp also treats the cold water. 



It would be nice not to have to go out to get bottle water anymore, plus it would eliminate the need for all of those plastic bottles.  You don’t have to worry much about how the T6 will match your decor either.  The device comes in 12 different colors. 

Sources: Latest Gadgets, Tana Water

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