Table Tap: For The Lazy Drinker, Self-Serve Bars Are At It Again!

We've seen Minibar, a self-serve drinking establishment that gives patrons access to their own mini bar, so they never have to worry about waiting around for a server to bring them their next drink. But that business model came with one fatal flaw; in order to get their next drink, bar patrons needed to get up in move. So now there's a new style of drinking establishment more in tune with the lazy drinker.

The Table Tender system by Table Tap is ideal for the lazy drinker, since as the name says, the drink taps are built right into the table. Each system is custom designed based on the needs of each restaurant or bar - but regardless of setup, each Table Tender system has the same basic features. One or more tap can be installed at each table to dispense various drink choices, although naturally beer is the main drink of choice available. Patrons can drink at will up to a total of 11 pints of beers at a time to ensure that no one is over-served by the system, and then in order to keep the liquor flowing a waiter must check the table. The Table Tender automatically tracks a tab for each table, so other than the quick check to make sure patrons aren't too drunk by a person, there's really no need for much human interaction. Does it get any better than this for the lazy drinker?

Via: Springwise

Aug 6, 2009
by Anonymous

Yeah it does

Take off the stupid big brother 11 pint limit, if you know I am a local and always am responsible and walk to the pub. I don't need my mommy looking over my shoulder.