Table Without a Top: New Concepts in Kitchen Essentials

Paring down to absolute essentials can be a very purifying activity. So often we accrue that which we really don't need but cling to out of a sense of security. But can that concept apply to the kitchen table?

Pass the salt...Pass the salt...

A lot happens at the kitchen table. Aside from serving the traditional function of simply being a place at which to sit and eat, it's akin to the heart of the home. I've had some of the most memorable conversations of my life sitting around kitchen tables, spending hours yammering on with friends about tons of ridiculous nonsense, with a bit of substance thrown in for good measure. I've also done some of my best creative work there, being able to focus at that spot better than anywhere else in the house. The kitchen table is like refuge in a storm, offering a sense of safety and stability.

But like Houdini ripping a table cloth out from under place settings and having the dishes remain perfectly poised, Diana Halbeison has ripped the table right out from under us. She's replaced it instead with the "Table Without Tabletop" -- a series of suspended metal prongs that can hold your meal and then neatly fold away and store flat after use.

The Table Without Tabletop goes medievalThe Table Without Tabletop goes medieval

This "dining surface alternative" fulfills the absolute basic functions of a traditional table by providing a plane on which to place your dinner, and also experiments with the perceived necessity of "that familiar flat surface" that we've all come to know and love.

Hmmm... Messy eaters and the accident-prone, beware!

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Nov 11, 2007
by double G (not verified)

You've got to be kidding me.

You've got to be kidding me. I'd say sustainability has become very important in our time, and a lot of people are trying to contribute through innovative design, just carpooling together, and w.e else. What I see here is a pursuit of the contrary - self sufficiency. This is a perfect way to better estrange people from one another by separating them even more from each other by removing a common space that can be shared. Maybe it is a good solution to a solitary lifestyle, but it would not make sense be used in a family of 2 or more. This table could hardly function for multiple people because it creates a void of intimacy and contact, by raising an almost tangible social barrier with its jail-like limitations.

Nov 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

This is one way to do what

This is one way to do what mother always said. "Keep your elbows off the table!"

Dec 16, 2007
by Gored Bushed (not verified)

Hey, how about making a

Hey, how about making a robot to eat your food so you don't have to. Or need a chair and table or think or breath or live.