Tac Bac: The Tactical Canned Bacon For Your End Of The World Scenario

Whether it is the total collapse of the global economy or a zombie apocalypse, chances are you would like to be prepared to weather the days of chaos and deprivation. Most guys and gals worth their Beer Nuts would find life fairly unbearable with one of the most important items from their grocery list - bacon. With Tac Bac -- Tactical Canned Bacon you can be secure in your need for cured pork.

 Tac Bac -- Tactical Canned BaconTac Bac -- Tactical Canned Bacon

Somehow, probably with the use of a crowbar, they manage to cram 54 slices into every can. Through the magical use of preservatives and modern canning technology each can of Tac Bac has a shelf life of ten years. Okay, you are supposed to refrigerate after opening, but if you are feeding your whole family or team of zombie hunters that probably won't be an issue.

Tac Bac -- Tactical Canned BaconTac Bac -- Tactical Canned Bacon

According to the doomsday preppers who bothered to surface long enough to make a comment the bacon tastes really good. The one problem I still see (okay I see more than one) is that coming out of a can it won't be crispy. Also, once you are on the run from zombies, where do you get the lettuce, tomato, and mayo for a decent sandwich?  While as a prepper I grow my own lettuce and tomatoes, the mayo is still an issue. But I digress. .

Tac Bac -- Tactical Canned BaconTac Bac -- Tactical Canned Bacon.

If you aren't a prepper you can still enjoy a can of bacon while camping or hiking. You could also keep it on hand for getting snowed in this winter. A lot of people order a can just to try it and see if it really does taste good. 

Check out this cool video about Tac Bac -- Tactical Canned Bacon. As "Shotgun" Max Beavins says "Desperate times call for desperate . . . bacon."

Source: Think Geek, Amazon

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