Tackle Land & Sea With The RC Morphibians!

If you’re looking for a safe, unique, durable and downright cool-looking first RC car for the kiddos, do I have the animal/vehicle hybrids for you!

 Gator MorphibianGator Morphibian

Yeah, “Morphibians” is a bit of a mouthful, but for kids 3-5+, I can’t find more kid friendly and visually interesting designs that are as fast and versatile as these cars. They are very speedy on land, but their soft, yet durable exterior keeps this toy in the safe range. I like how each model perfectly combines the most iconic aspects of aquatic and amphibious animals with a really rad car, and I’m sure parents would rather take a Gator or Stingray Morphibian to the park than a generic kid-show branded RC car any day.

 Stingray MorphibianStingray Morphibian

Morphibians tear over grass, dirt, carpets, gravel and concrete, but everyone will definitely want to test out how the RC car takes to water. Even if they aren’t nearly as speedy in the drink as they are on dry land, they still move at a steady pace and they’re just as easy to control no matter where you drive them. 

 Killer Whale MorphibianKiller Whale Morphibian

Keep in mind that a Morphibian needs a pair of AAA batteries for its remote control and three AA batteries for the car itself. Although a Morphibian rules the swimming pool, make sure that whoever is holding the control pad stays out of the water, since it is not waterproof. Safety first!

 Dirt Frog MorphibianDirt Frog Morphibian

All in all, Morphibians are much more attractive RC cars than you’d probably expect for its age group, and it’s that much better when you, your kids and your Dirt Frog hits the park, yard, pond and beyond!

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