Taiwan Dentist Attracts Attention, Customers With Maid-Outfitted Nurses

Patients at a dental clinic in Zhubei, Taiwan have less to fear (and more to see) now that the office's hygienists have taken to wearing skimpy French Maid outfits. The respectful nurse/maids bring slippers and serve coffee to arriving visitors who leave later with the cleanest teeth EVAR!

The Leon Dental Implant Institute was barely making ends meet: with three other dental clinics on the same street, competition was tooth & nail to say the least.

The owner of the clinic knew he had to make his business stand out from the rest, and his solution was to conduct an extreme makeover... or “maid over”.

Besides outfitting his nurses and hygienists in short-skirted maid outfits, the dentist poured roughly NT50 million (around $1.65 million) into upgrading the office's equipment and décor. Out went harsh industrial fluorescent lights, in came hanging crystal chandeliers!

It's the maids who garner most of the attention, however, though they stress their clothing doesn't detract from the job at hand.

“We have done professional training,” explains one of the dental assistants, “but the white uniforms we used to wear don't help patients relax. Now our guests are less likely to feel pressure.” Check out the maid dental clinic in action via this video from Taiwan's TVBS news. The action starts 34 seconds in.

The gambit appears to be working: since the clinic's cute reboot, the number of customers has increased and people have begun lining up at the reception desk to make appointments.

There's a limit to how far the Leon Dental Implant Institute will take the maid concept, however... the dentist who owns the clinic won't be swapping his scrubs for a butler's suit anytime soon. (via TVBS and Kotaku)

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