Taiwan Shrinks Technology with Noahpad

While there are plenty of laptops out there for the choosing, Taiwan recently decided it would be a good idea to give both Asian and overseas consumers one more (tiny) option. Welcome the Noahpad, a miniature laptop manufactured by an equally small Taiwanese company named E-lead.

With a 7 inch screen and two touch pads, this tiny wonder is hitting the laptop/UMPC scene in an impactful, albeit humorous way. Some are praising its compactability, able to be, as it is advertised, your “classmate, roommate, and travelmate.” However others think its puny size is not only pathetic, but completely unfunctional.

Noahpad is little and light: Source: Slashgear.comNoahpad is little and light: Source: Slashgear.com

Small enough to hang from a clothes hanger, the Noahpad finds its unique niche in the market due to its hinge that makes it collapse completely backward upon itself. You can position it as a desk calendar, or even use the 50 keys backwards if you configure it correctly.

Laptop technology in a convenient size: Source: mobilemag.comLaptop technology in a convenient size: Source: mobilemag.com

It runs on Windows XP and has 512 MB of RAM, making it a convenient option for many commuters and students. This tiny technological wonder is currently working the tradeshow circuit, and will soon be available at innovative electronics stores near you. Price is still undetermined, but hopefully it will be equally small!

Source: Mobile Mag

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Jan 23, 2008
by Body Beauty

When is small too small?

Great to carry around but fustrating to use maybe since it is so small.