Taiwan's NMA News Animates Charlie Sheen's Latest Media Meltdown

The talented animation technicians at Taiwan's NMA News have taken on the task of explaining Charlie Sheen's recent rant-fest to a domestic audience. Subtitled Sheen shone Sims style with bonus bikini bimbo and sinister snowman? Now THAT's a winning combo!

Taiwan-based NMA News has made a name for itself by creating and broadcasting SIMS-style reenactments of pop culture happenings and top news stories. The Tonight Show Feud, the Wikileaks Scandal, Tiger Woods' Mistress-gate and more – NMA (which stands for Next Media Animation) puts a unique Sims-like spin on the news that appeals to today's video game-raised news junkies.

NMA, which bills itself as “Asia's largest animation studio”, even ventures into the U.S. political arena, depicting New Jersey governor Chris Christie as an “XXL” superhero whose not afraid to throw his weight around. It's nice to see that the advent of CGI (computer generated imaging) hasn't killed the Asian animation industry - the latter just found a new outlet for their talents.

But I digress. Today's hot story is Charlie Sheen's ongoing multi-media meltdown. If you thought things couldn't get any weirder, you haven't seen NMA's take on the Two and a Half Men star's latest bizarre rant-fest. Here it is, subtitled for your amusement:

Those following the story – and really, who can avoid it? - know that “Good Time Charlie” is no stranger to controversy. NMA knows it too: their October 2010 animated treatment of Sheen's Plaza Hotel drug-fueled tantrum aka “medical emergency” received wide airplay on both televised media venues and YouTube.

What's next for NMA? Assuming Sheen doesn't spew forth another raging tirade (and that's a bet no one should make), expect an animated explanation of where Libya's Colonel Gaddafi & Co. have squirreled away billions of dollars worth of assets. For NMA, it's simply a matter of knowing who'll pitch the next screwball. (via Lost In A Supermarket, Gothamist, and NMA Blog)