Takara Tomy Invents An RC Car That Runs On Soda

We've already seen that it's possible to power a cell phone using Coca-Cola, and now Japanese toy makers Takara Tomy has announced a prototype for a remote controlled car that runs on sugary fizz.  If your kids are into that sort of thing, it might be worthwhile to explain to them that if they drink all the soda, their new toy won't be going anywhere.

The car, the awkwardly named "ene Bio Engine" actually runs on a sugar-powered bio battery developed by Sony.  The battery has been used in a few different applications, from powering portable stereos, to cell phones, and now this.  It's being seen as an environmentally friendly approach to energy consumption, and give soda an added use besides the usual weight gain.

The ene Bio Engine is relatively small, and it's interesting how different substances have been used to fuel it.  Apparently, grape juice is the most efficient fuel, while sugary carbonated beverages give the car the best pickup.  In fact, any sugary beverage will get the car going, but Takara Tomy has decided to promote the toy using soda for commercial purposes.  Check out the RC in action:

It really makes you wonder where they're going next with these type of things.  A bio battery with a little more power might even power a laptop, or, better yet, an actual car.  The technology to accomplish this has existed for a while now, but only recently do we see companies being creative and innovative in their efforts to bring the tech into practical applications with everyday items.