Take Hydaway Bottle Anywhere

Hydaway BottleHydaway Bottle

It's always a great idea to carry a water bottle. For starters, hydration is very important to your health. Having your own bottle means that you aren't trashing a ton of plastic bottles. Having a Hydaway Bottle means you can carry that bottle just about anywhere you go.

If you already carry a water bottle with you, then you know how irritating it is when you're empty and carrying around something that's just taking up space. The Hydaway Bottle eliminates this irritation. It collapses when you're done, and you can just stick it in your pocket to get it out of the way. 

Hydaway Goes AnywhereHydaway Goes Anywhere

If you're not one to carry your own water bottle, then you should (for the reasons I mentioned earlier), and the Hydaway could be a means to help you start a healthy habit. Not only is Hydaway collapsible, it is watertight, so it won't leak. And its unique design prevents it from toppling over. 

Hydaway ColorsHydaway Colors

Hydaway comes in six colors and features a convenient carry handle, so you can clip it onto your backpack or belt loop. It's great for those on the go and for the kids Parents, all you have to do is clip on a Hydaway to your kid's backpack and they have no reason not to stay hydrated during the day.

Hydaway is not yet on the market, so you can pick one up at the local Target just yet. However, you can find out more about this product on the Hydaway website