Take Leano Anywhere And Have A Chair

Picnics are great, so are outdoor movies, reading under the sunshine and just about anything you can do to relax in the open air. However, sometimes getting comfortable on a blanket or in the grass can be tough. Enter Leano, the portable chair that you can set-up just about anywhere and have instant back support.

Leano Portable ChairLeano Portable Chair

The Design

The Leano design is so simple. It's pretty much just a blanket that you can prop up, and when you're not using it, you can stuff it into just about any backpack, napsack or duffle bag. It weighs less than an iPad Air and is only 19.3 inches in length. 

To use Leano, just unwrap the cloth, pull out the legs and insert them into the top of the back support, and then you just sit down. By sitting on the cloth part of Leano, you use your own body weight to anchor the chair and provide a stable back rest.

Leano will work on just about any surface. Just be careful on tiles or another smooth surface--the legs could slip, leaving you with no support at all. On other surfaces, move around and fidget as much as you want. 

Setting Up LeanoSetting Up Leano

Materials And Ordering

Leano is made from beech wood, which makes it strong but super lightweight. Leano's durable fabric will hold up under grass, sand, stone and just about anything else you can imagine, and you can choose from a variety of colors.

Take Leano AnywhereTake Leano Anywhere

Leano's designers just ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for their portable chair, but they're still not on the market. You can visit their website to pre-order your own. In the meantime, sit back (not in the Leano...just yet) and check out all the things you could be doing in your portable chair.