Take Your Billiards Game To The Next Level With Linear Q

Linear QLinear Q

If you want to step up your pool game, you may want to check out this product. Worthy of Sky Mall, the Linear Q is an "off the beaten path" product that promises to help your billiards game. It is a cue that will give you a steady hand when taking shots.

The Linear Q is basically a pool cue with a "slider" on the shaft. The use of a slider on the shaft of this pool cue allows you to control your back-hand motion. Swaying from side to side during the back-hand motion is what often causes misses in billiards. The Linear Q's slider controls that swaying and gives you a truer shot. 

Linear Q Pool CueLinear Q Pool Cue

The shaft of the Linear Q is a precision-ground stainless steel. It is a hollow tubing which counteracts the effects of bowing. The joints are also made of stainless steel, and Linear Q's handle comes in a variety of colors, with custom colors also available.

Breaking down the cue at the joint allows you to slip off the slider for maintenance or custom grip replacement. The slider itself fits nicely over the shaft, not allowing for side-to-side play, and it is self-lubricating. 

Linear Q complies with the Billiards Congress of America's guidelines, so it's not cheating to use this cue. It's the perfect gift for the amateur pool shark (I know that's a contradiction in terms) or someone just beginning to take up the game. 

Like I mentioned, you can find the Linear Q in Sky Mall, or if you don't have a flight in your schedule anytime soon, check out Linear Q's website for ordering and more information on the product.