Take Your iPad On A Totally Retro Trip

These days the iPad is THE thing. The one problem is that you need some sort of stand to hold it up so that you can watch movies and videos without your arms getting tired. There are many stands out there, but none of them as cool and retro as this Cardboard iPad TV Stand. The design is right out of the 50s and 60s and brings back so many memories for some of us.

Cardboard iPad TV StandCardboard iPad TV Stand

I love it when innovation steals from the past. This stand can allow the family to gather around for a good old fashioned black and white movie as in days of yore. It was a simpler time. That was when worries were smaller and so were waistlines. Maybe that was because you actually had to get up and walk across the room to change channels or adjust the volume. TVs back then even needed you to adjust the vertical hold once in awhile. Kids today don't even know what that means.

Cardboard iPad TV StandCardboard iPad TV Stand

This "TV Set" is made of recycled cardboard and sports fake dials for switching channels for UHF and VHF and adjusting sound. Just slide your iPad in and you can pretend to be watching television in the early years. Naturally the dials don't work and you will still need to use the touch screen to make your choices.

Cardboard iPad TV StandCardboard iPad TV Stand

The stand was designed by Luis Rodrigalvarez, the head designer at Cardboard Safari. His first creation for the company was a cardboard deer trophy head. With that success he hasn't looked back. He finds most of his inspiration for new products while traveling. "The process of being in motion to another place makes me think from a different perspective and gives me time to turn ideas around in my head."

The TV is made in Charlottesville, Virginia, and some simple assembly may be required. It is just realistic enough to make me think that I would want to keep a pair of pliers close by in case one of the dials breaks.

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