Take Your Training To A New Level With Bionic Resistance Suit

Bionic Resistance SuitBionic Resistance Suit

Athletes train to get an edge, and so they look for training methods and equipment to give them that edge. The Bionic Resistance Suit is one of those pieces of equipment. It utilizes resistance bands to add a load to athletes' normal movements.

In order to improve muscle efficiency (muscular strength or endurance), you must add a load or stress to the muscle. It's hard to do that in live, sport-specific training (like a sport practice), so athletes hit the gym and perform loaded movements similar to those they would perform on the playing field. This helps improve muscle strength and endurance in the movements that are specific to their sport. 

Sprinting With Bionic Resistance SuitSprinting With Bionic Resistance Suit

With equipment like parachutes and sleds, athletes can add a load to movements they would perform in their sport, like sprinting. The Bionic Resistance Suit employs this same strategy. This 3 pound suit allows you to add up to 200 pounds of resistance to your lower body and 100 pounds to your upper body by utilizing resistance bands. 

Training With Bionic Resistance SuitTraining With Bionic Resistance Suit

One unique aspect of the Bionic Resistance Suit is that it doesn't add any weight to the athlete. The resistance is provided by the resistance bands and the athlete has to perform movements to generate resistance, so really the resistance is provided via the athlete's movements. The Bionic Resistance Suit also comes with an attachment that allows for added resistance in the form of a sled or parachute. So on top of that 300 pounds of total resistance, you can add even more. 

Right now, the Bionic Resistance Suit is in its developmental stages. They're currently running a Kickstarter campaign. If you want to stay updated with this product or find out more information on it, you can visit that Kickstarter page