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The House Made of Cellophane

Trying to hide from the neighbors? Well you definitely wouldn’t want to live in the cellophane house.

The cellophane house is an 1800 square-foot dwelling has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living and dining space, a roof terrace and a carport.

It is made of recyclable materials, with photovoltaic panels for electricity and photovoltaic panels for thermal insulation. This two-story building was constructed with mostly transparent materials.

Their concept is this: “A building is, at root, nothing more than an assemblage of materials forming an enclosure. We recognize that these materials came from somewhere, are held together for a time by the techniques of construction, and will at some future time transition into another state. While we tend to think of buildings as permanent, they are in fact only a resting state for materials, a temporary equilibrium that is destined to be upset by the entropic forces that drive the physical universe.”

This exhibition was commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition Home Delivery: Fabrication the Modern Dwelling and ran from July 20,2008 to October 20, 2008.

Sources: KTA, PreFabUpdate


Diana Eid
Innovative Arts