Take A Horrific Shower With Zombie Or Blood Bath Shower Gels

You've got to take a shower once in a while if for no other reason than to keep zombies from finding you by scent. Of course, your girlfriend would probably appreciate you dialing back the musky stench a bit as well. SoZombie Shower GelZombie Shower Gel if you've got to do it anyway, why not have some serious good, clean fun while you are at it? With Zombie Shower Gel or Blood Bath Shower Gel you can pretend you are in your favorite horror flick while scrubbing off the top few layers of grime.

With the Zombie Shower Gel you get a nice transfusion bag filled with gooey green zombie bodily fluids. The sweet smelling ooze is actually a pleasant citrus scent.  As everyone knows you can chase off a Zombie with a can of Lemon Pledge. Wait! -- did I just make that up. Yeah, I did. Sorry about that. However, it will mask that oh, so human scent that zombies are somehow able to detect over their own rotting stench.

If you don't quite have the stomach for zombie innards then perhaps a nice bag of Blood Bath Shower Gel will be more to your taste, er, liking. This is more for warding off vampires than zombies. The nice cherry smell Blood Bath Shower GelBlood Bath Shower Gelgives them the willies and sends them back to the coffin for a bit of a lie-down. If you are really lucky it will have the same effect on the more annoying Twilight fans out there.

Both shower gels come in transfusion bags so that you can hang them up wherever you can in your shower. Please do not take intravenously -- they are for external cleansing only. That is one of those disclaimers that attorneys insist we need to include for stupid people. You know who you are. 

It might be worthwhile to have a bag of each Zombie Shower Gel and Blood Bath Shower Gel just on the off chance that those two groups get together for a SyFy Channel B movie. It would probably take both to wash that experience off of you.

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