Take a Little Off the Top With the Cut Lamp

a little off the ends?a little off the ends?

If you'd like to blend a little bit of DIY with some contemporary lighting, the Cut Light by Monica Singer may be right up your alley. In its uncut form, this suspended light fixture arrives on your doorstep in a canister with a complimentary pair of scissors with which snip to your heart's content. The laser-cut polyester ribbons that make up the piece hang at about 25.5" prior to falling victim to your artistry. The Cut Lamp is yours to shear in whatever way suits your fancy -- give it a shag ‘do, cut it into geometric patterns or squiggles, or leave it long and luxurious if you're a bit intimidated by the endless possibilities. The ceiling fixture is not included but can be adapted to fit any existing one, and the light takes only energy-efficient compact florescent bulbs as the incandescent variety will melt the whole thing. So, for about $65 you get a cool new energy-efficient light and art project combined. No pressure or anything, but don't mess up!

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