Want a Chair That Follows You Wherever You Go? Try "Take A Seat" Interactive Mobile Seating

Tired of beating back the college kids for that coveted seat in the library? Well, your troubles may be over. The "Take-A-Seat" chair, created by Jelte van Geest of Eindhoven Design Academy, explores the latest in interactive mobile seating, ensuring your derriere has the proper resting spot during all of your intellectual brow furrowing and heavy book lifting.

Chair-bot, activate!Chair-bot, activate!

The concept is pretty simple: Wave your library card in front of a chair that houses an RFID card, and the chair activates to closely follow you through the library so you always have a place to sit , for when the strain of all that brain activity gets to be too much. Once your physical presence leaves the range of its service, your chair-come-stalker will return to its original spot to offer its services to the next patron.

Feel like you're being followed?Feel like you're being followed?

I could see where these would considerably liven up quiet time at the library, what, with racing, pile-ups, hide-n-seek and all. The immature among us would undoubtedly get a lot of studying done if this ever goes into production, I'm sure.

Here's a video of the chaos that ensues once these interactive seating zombie-bots mobilize en masse.

What do you think? Are we in for trouble or what?

Sources: 24oranges and neatorama

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