Take VR Gaming To The Next Level With The Sixense STEM

Virtual Reality just got a whole lot more immersive. Sixense - the same folks who developed the Razer Hydra - earlier this month announced a peripheral that makes the Hydra look a little bit outdated. It's called the Sixense STEM system, and it grants you full-body control of your character. 

Sounds pretty high-tech, no? The STEM system accomplishes this by including two controllers complete with motion-tracking sensors and a haptics feedback system (for your character's hands), and three small clips, also equipped with motion sensors. These are designed to be clipped to your legs and either your torso or your head, bringing the same level of control to those parts of your body as the handhelds bring to the arms.

Oh, and those clips also include haptic feedback, same as the controllers. Excited yet?

How about now? 

Latency on the whole system is reportedly less than ten milliseconds - that's extremely small, and pretty much imperceptible to humans. The rig's currently on Kickstarter (but it's already raised twice its initial goal). The target launch date for the STEM is this summer; a STEM system of your very own will run you at around $350.

Source: Kickstarter