Take Your Beer To The Next Level With Lime Bomber

For everyone who's been hanging around with a full bottle of Corona, waiting for someone to come up with a way to finally get the wedge of lime inside the bottle; standing around like... well, lemons, I suppose, the wait is over. Lime Bomber has done it! They've discovered a way to get the lime inside the bottle.

I know. I can barely contain myself.

Let's be honest, the lime was genius. But without being able to get the lime inside the bottle, there was no way it was ever going to get off the ground.

Welcome to the new world. Lime Bomber is going to change the way we live. 

Direct from the Lime Bomber product description, here's how it works: "Simply place a lime wedge in the neck of your bottle" (this is where we always got lost before) "push down on the Lime Bomber to plunge the citrus deep into the heart of the frosty beverage, and enjoy the resultant refreshingness."

But it's more than just "resultant refreshingness." Now that they don't have to take a swig of beer, then suck on a lime wedge, and then go back to the beer again, some customers are reporting that their beer drinking speeds have almost doubled.

Please be aware that we don't guarantee these kinds of results. This is only what some customers have reported. Individual results may vary. You may find that your beer drinking speed decreases. Although that would be hard to imagine.

I'm not supposed to give out financial advice, but the word on the street is that lime stock is set to rocket. Consider what we're dealing with here. This is a wedge of lime inside the bottle. Not on a little white saucer on the top of the  bar. We're talking inside. It's over folks. We're never going to look at limes the same way again.

I have to cut this short. I'm off to the produce department to stock up on my citrus. I already updated my Facebook page, and my Lime Bomber status is: ordered

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