Two-Wheeled Java

We have plenty of console space for coffee cups in our cars, why not on our bikes? Should the good souls that choose to find a greener way to work have to wait until they get to the office to enjoy their coffee? We think not.

Sure you may not want to be chugging 20 ounces of joe in a bike race or on a grueling, lung-busting mountain-pass climb, but if you're taking a leisurely morning ride to see the sunrise or are commuting to the office, why not?

The playfully named Bar-ista from Portland Design Works clamps to your handlebar and holds the most valuable liquid of any given morning. I'm not sure how it will respond to pot holes, curbs and other obstacles, but it's certainly better than sliding the cup into your water bottle holder. 

You probably won't want to use this with those cheapo plastic lids like you bought at BK, and would be best to use a solid plastic or metal mug with a securable lid and closing mouth. You can pick up your own for 20 bucks--that's sure cheaper than the emergency-room bills you'll likely endure if you try and hold a steaming cup of coffee in one hand while pedaling downhill to the office. 

Via Gear Junkie