Taking Birdwatching To The Next Level

To some, birdwatching can be as dull as sitting in a kid’s pool without any water. You’re not interested, the curiosity is just not there and you feel like you’re wasting time looking through binoculaurs. But what if you could get a closer look at the feathered wonders?

The Wingscapes BirdCam is about to revolutionize birdwatching and technology. Designed specifically for birdwatching, the BirdCam is a motion-activated camera that can withstand all kinds of weather. The device is extremely simple to use as setup doesn’t take long; all you have to do is set and aim the camera wherever you choose.

The unique camera works by using an infrared sensor that watches for bird activity. Once a movement is detected, the camera will automatically take digital photos or videos, depending on what the user programs it to do. Along with the automatic setting, the BirdCam can also take pictures at a specific time interval or can be used manually.

One great aspect of the Wingscapes BirdCam is that it will rarely be triggered by movements made by tree branches or plants. This makes it safe to use the camera on a feeder (with the necessary equipment provided for the product). If needed, the camera can also be mounted 18 inches or farther from the specified target. The only major disadvantage to the camera is that it cannot be used at night because a “photocell” in the device shuts it off at sunset.

The BirdCam is an ideal gift for birdwatchers because like a camera, it has the ability to store several pictures and videos, whether on the device itself or on the computer. Being able to store memories like that is a great addition to the hobby because you develop a certain type of curiosity:

“What will I see next?” (Buy here. )

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