Where's The Physics In The Cat Physics Video Game?

I was attending a party when I saw two other guests fiddling around with their iPods. One of them had a puzzled expression and passed off the device to another friend because she "couldn't figure out how to get past level 46 of Cat Physics." I was intrigued. What does physics have to do with a cat? Were they talking about Schrodinger's cat or was it something else that was completely unrelated? The curiousity was enough to have me whip out my own iPod and go straight to the App Store to look for it. The game was certainly something different, that much I can tell you, and it exceeded all the initial expectations that I had for it.

Cat Physics is one of the most popular games for the iPod that was developed and released by Donut Games. It has a simple interface and menu so you can navigate through the game easily. You are shown a complete list of all the levels of the game after you hit "start" on the main menu, but you'll probably be looking at a long list of locked levels if you're still starting out.


Instead of a formal tutorial, the first level demonstrates the main premise of the game. There are two cats in every level: a black cat and a white cat. The goal is to pass the ball from one cat to the other while covering the shortest distance possible. Once you're able to do this successfully, the next level is unlocked and you can get started on your next challenge. This might sound pretty simple, but a multitude of obstacles that crop up all throughout the game make this task a bit more difficult.


The earlier levels help you get started on the basics by showing you how to use some elements in the game like arrows, catapults, and buttons. Be prepared to encounter windmills, teleporters, see-saws, and wooden trap doors that make the ball passing harder with each new level.

Cat Physics is extremely addictive and it's easy to catch on after you play through the first few levels, but does the game have anything to do with physics? Well, to a certain extent, it does. Figuring out how to position the arrows to get the ball from one cat to the other gets a lot more challenging during the later levels. You can figure out some of the puzzles by pure and simple guesswork, but you may need to use the old noodle a little bit more in some instances. It would definitely help to pay attention as to how the balls bounce and where they bounce to after it's released.

Overall, Cat Physics is a very good game that will keep you glued to your iPod (or iPhone or iPad) for hours on end. The game originally came with 60 levels but an update from Donut Games now gives you 20 additional levels to play with. Absolutely cat-tastic!

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