Taking A Look At The New AOL Reader

AOL ReaderAOL Reader

Google Reader was one of those products that you either loved to use, or knew nothing about. If you work in technology, media, news or any field that requires you to keep abreast of lots of information constantly, nothing beats a good RSS reader, and Google Reader was seen by many as the best option. Unfortunately, Google announced a while back that they would be killing this product. Google Reader reaches end of life this week.

 Many other companies have worked on alternatives to try and create a feed reader that could bring over the users of Google Reader, including Digg which launched their own app in close beta last week. But one entry that came in completely unsuspectingly and is now available to all in beta form is the AOL Reader. This is a web based reader app that can import your Google feed and add any site you wish to follow. By logging in with your AOL, Twitter, Google or Facebook account, you can sign in and access the latest information from your feed.

 The AOL Reader interface is surprisingly well designed, and it includes options that Google Reader didn't have, such as how your feeds are displayed. You can view a list, cards or the full information. The site also adapts very well to mobile browsers and AOL promises an upcoming iOS and Android native app. On the negative side, while this web app is free, AOL does push some of its own content properties inside of it. For example, when you add a feed, it will recommend that you also add some sites that are owned by AOL. Still, if you're looking for a web based solution for your daily news, you might want to give this one a try.