Two Great Speakers Take The Competition Outside

When the sun’s shining and the birds are singing, there’s no excuse not to take the family gathering or jamboree with friends outside. However, if you’re only musically inclined indoors, then there’s a good chance you might need a pair of speakers for the great wide open space in your backyard.

One new French invention and a product designed by JBL are the perfect devices to make your next event a groovy one. The two outdoor speakers are stylish and they come with their own interesting features. But which model is the best for the summer of 2008?

Parrot Parth Bluetooth Speakers

The Parrot Party Bluetooth speakers create less of a hassle for music fans as it is wire-free. The wireless speakers can easily connect to any laptop or portable device that has Bluetooth compatibility.

Only 3” tall and 3.3” deep, the compact portable speaker system can fit almost anywhere. It only comes in white, but with a sleek look and blue rubber trim to keep it from sliding and moving, the design is acceptable. The speakers also have a detachable hand strap so you can easily carry it around. The five buttons located on the top are easy to use as well. The center LED back-lit button indicates the status of your Bluetooth connection and the status of your battery (fully-charged battery lasts approximately five hours). The volume control is indicated on your left, the bass and stereo widening buttons are on your right and the on/off switch is located on the back.

Despite having great audio quality, the Parrot Party Bluetooth speakers don’t have a subwoofer. So if you’re looking for an intense bass sound that will impress others, then you’re out of luck.

But if you’re a shopper who’s looking for something a bit more high-tech and flashy, then you might want to take a look at these new speakers from JBL.

JBL Control Now Aw Speakers

The JBL Control Now AW speakers may look like a broken piece of a donut, but they’re filled with promise. Their 90-degree curve enables the speakers to fit in a corner (wall-to-wall, wall-to-ceiling). Since it can be combined with another speaker of the same model, your presentation options are endless.

The speakers feature a tweeter and two woofers, creating a dynamic sound by itself or when combined with another. They weigh 6.6 pounds and stand five inches tall. The casings are also made from a thermoplastic-composite material (that contains both glass and a mineral fill) to help create maximum clarity and durability. Although the Control Now AW is an all-weather outdoor speaker, it’s not waterproof!

When deciding on which model is better, one could look at the price. The JBL Control Now AW is priced at approximately USD$279 while the Parrot Party Bluetooth speakers are approximately USD$159.

But it all depends on the user. Individuals who are looking for an outdoor speaker just for the backyard are better off using the JBL model. While the Bluetooth speakers are ideal for those looking for a portable device to use while travelling. Either choice provides great sound quality, which is important because it will keep you and your guests dancing all summer long.

To find out more information on both models, you can visit JBL’s website and this article on the Parrot Party Bluetooth speakers.