Takumi Wood Block Clock Branches Out To 10 Digits

The original Takumi Wood Block Clock (now known as the "Classic") just happened to be the very first topic I wrote about here at InventorSpot back in May of 2007. Some hundreds of posts later, Takumi is back with an updated clock and I'm happy to still be here so I can write about it.

Measuring 380mm by 97mm by 53mm (approximately 15 by 4 by 2 inches), the Takumi 10-Digit Wood Block Clock offers some improvements over the 8-inch long Classic. Well, two updates to be exact.

The main and most obvious change is the increased capacity for digits - what else was Takumi going to do with the extra wood? Select from Calendar Mode (above left) or Time Mode (above right).

The 10-Digit Clock also offers the option of waking up to an alarm, which makes sense since many (if not most) buyers set up their clocks on the bedside table.

Just to make sure fans of minimalism aren't left feeling, well, minimized, Takumi is also offering a smaller version of the Classic they call... wait for it... the Mini. 

Takumi's 10-Digit Wood Block Clock sells for 21,000 yen or around $240 at the Yahoo Japan website. Also available are the Classic model priced at 15,750 yen or $180, and the Mini for 10,500 yen or $120. (via Kodawari)