Talk About Challenging Times: Try The Binary Clock

What a neat clock. It tells the time, but only after you learn its language. It's the Designer Binary Clock and it will keep your brain doing pushups that actually hurt your head.



As clocks go, the Designer Binary Clock is definitely unique and not bad looking. You can choose red or blue LEDs; they flash every second, but nicely, in a mesmerizing sort of way.



Are you ready to tell time in binary? Okay. Well, all I know is that you count lights in each row and multiply them by their values. The first row on the bottom has the value of 1, the second light up is worth 2, the third light is worth 4, and the fourth is worth 8. The values across each row are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32. Is that clear? Nor to me.

Try to figure it out from this chart:



Don't worry. There are better instructions provided by Designer Binary Clock inserts. You will have to learn them, or the clock will drive you nuts. My head is hurting already.

Go ahead, challenge yourself, and then impress the heck out of everyone! Available at