Talk About Timing - Michael Jackson 'Live In Japan' DVD Released June 23

Timing is everything when you're a performer and nobody knew it better than the late Michael Jackson. Timing is also essential in business, as is surely realizing - the new "Michael Jackson: Live In Japan" DVD was posted on the Amazon website a mere 2 days before MJ's untimely demise. 

"Michael Jackson: Live In Japan" was listed at on June 23 and it's likely nobody entertained high hopes for the 60-minute DVD of highlights from some of Jackson's Japanese concerts. Well guess what - the outpouring of grief over MJ's shocking and sudden passing is sure to be translated into an inpouring of dollars and yen into retailers' coffers.

It's not clear as to the exact playlist of the DVD, which was scheduled for wider release this coming July 14, but it will probably resemble this one (screenshot above) taken from Jackson's "Bad Tour" concert in Yokohama, Japan, on September 26 of 1987:

01 Intro
02 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
03 Things I Do For You
04 Off The Wall
05 Human Nature
06 Heartbreak Hotel
07 She's Out Of My Life
08 I Want You Back
09 The Love You Save
10 I'll Be There
11 Rock With You
12 Lovely One
13 Workin' Day And Night
14 Beat It
15 Billie Jean
16 Shake Your Body > Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Tease > Shake Your Body
17 Thriller
18 I Just Can't Stop Loving You (with Sheryl Crow)
19 Bad

Amazon's timely release of the live Michael Jackson DVD may be purely coincidental but the likely flood of sales is going to make a few folks at the online giant look like marketing geniuses. "Bad" as it might seem, the profit motive remains alive and well - even as one of the music industry's most bankable stars rises up the heavenly charts. (via TokyoMango, concert list and image via
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