If You Get Lonely, You Can Talk To This Clock: Hello Moshi!

It looks innocent enough, but behind the pretty average looking face, this clock has the intelligence of a... well... a clock that listens when you talk and responds to you in... English, in this case. Is there a trick to the Moshi IVR Alarm Clock? Kinda'...

The Moshi IVR Alarm Clock has a limited vocabulary, and all of it relates to date, time, alarm time, alarm sound, temperature, and sleep sound... pretty much all of its functions. I guess you can confess your sins to this clock. There's no reason not to, but the clock will not respond, just listen.

The IVR in the Moshi IVR Alarm Clock stands for interactive voice responsive. You say "Hello Moshi," in your sexiest voice, like the man on the Moshi demo. Moshi then tells you to give her a command. Every man's dream, but perhaps not from a clock.

Sexism aside, Moshi is an incredible alarm clock. You can stop fiddling around with the knobs and buttons on your current alarm trying to figure out if your clock thinks its AM or PM, if you set the time or really set the alarm, if the music will blast you awake or away.... Because you can really give the Moshi Alarm Clock voice commands to set the time, and she will set it. Set the alarm and she will set it, at the tone of your choosing. She'll set your sleep sound for you and tell you the interior temperature of your bedroom. Just ask her.

The Moshi IVR Alarm Clock won't substitute for a real life companion, but it is a super alarm clock for a very reasonable price. Find it at Hammacher Schlemmer and get a lifetime guarantee with your purchase. You can also find this at MoshiLifestyle.com

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