Talkatoo Gives Kids A Bit Of Extra Encouragement From Home


Parents have been doing it for years.  Sometimes it is a secret, heart-shaped squeeze of mustard inside a sandwich.  Other times it is a small note of encouragement tucked inside a backpack or jacket pocket.  Kids have their tough days at school and parents have just as tough a time wondering how their kids will cope with their time away at school.  It is only natural to worry.  After all, it is a parent’s job to protect and comfort the kids.  While you can’t go along with your children to school, you can give them a bit of extra reassurance to take along with them.



The Talkatoo was created by a mom who was going through this same struggle with her two young kids.  She wanted them to have a little more encouragement than the basics and came up with an idea.  The Talkatoo device stores a 30 second voice message that the child can then play whenever he/she needs a little comfort from home.  It can be recorded over again and again to keep messages up to date. 



The Talkatoo comes in fun colors and designs and is only about the size of a watch face.  It can be clipped to backpacks or worn as a necklace.  I think that kids in their first couple years of school could really benefit from this extra consolation, but even the older kids may like to tuck one of these away in a dark corner of their backpack for those really rough days.  You can find the Talkatoo here.



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