Intelligent First Aid Kit Talks You Through Any Emergency

Most people have a basic first aid kit in their homes that contains a few band-aids, a roll of gauze and maybe a scissors. Fine for a child's scraped knee or to treat a finger cut slicing an apple, but what about bigger emergencies?

Dave Hammond, a former Navy corpsman and founder of IntelligentFirstAid, gave a lot of thought to the potentially life-threatening gap between the time a serious home or workplace accident occurs and the arrival of a paramedic team.

His ingenious solution is this professionally designed "talking" kit which combines supplies, visual instruction cards and a unique audio module.


The modules in the kit are color-coded and, at the push of a button, relay easily understood audio instructions to talk you through 9 of the most common essential first aid treatments. The kit also includes a guidebook with additional first aid instructions for conditions and emergencies not covered in the 9 modules, a combination book light/flashlight and a rugged shoulder strap for convenient mobility.

Although initially offered in English only, worldwide interest in these talking first aid kits have resulted in demand for versions in other languages, including a Japanese audio & visual kit that is presently in the works. In a country like Japan where the threat of earthquakes, typhoons and volcanoes are always in the back of people's minds, this type of first aid kit would be very well received indeed.

For the time being though, English-speakers can order the ERS700 IntelligentFirstAid "talking" kit from the company's website for $129.99 with free ground shipping on all orders placed & delivered within the USA. (via Japan Today, images via IFA)