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Started back in 1984, TED is an ongoing series of talks based around Technology, Entertainment, and Design, featuring some of the most interesting and creative minds from around the world.

It's a wonderful thing for all those high-profile smart folks out there, but what about you and me? Well, the good folk at TED kept their thinking caps on a little longer this year, just for us, and they came up with a couple of ways to involve the not-quite-so-brilliant-but-still-pretty-clever types, like you and me.

The first idea they came up with, is to give us a chance to give our very own TED talk. They'll be holding their first-ever auditions in New York on May 24, but you need to get your one-minute application video in by April 25, so get cracking! Once you've uploaded it to YouTube or Vimeo, complete and submit the entry form, then just sit back and wait to get your casting call.

And whether or not you get to have your very own TED talk, you can still participate in TED activities. Specifically, the TEDActive Projects, which were announced earlier this year. Up to this point in time, the TEDActive Projects were the exclusive domain of the teams that were formed back in February. But now they're inviting you on board. They want your ideas, questions, resources, and objections with the following projects:

  • Education: Looking at "how children can make an impact on the education system" ;
  • Public Heart: No doubt inspired by PostSecret, this is a public art project involving a ""Lost and Found" board where you anonymously speak your heart by sharing what you feel lost about";
  • Mobility: They're trying to do a lot here: looking at ways to mobilize local communities, make things more accessible, and "explore ways to reduce the cost, time and necessity of driving";
  • Sustainability: Looking at the best ways to organize communities, and exploring "radical solutions to push the sustainability movement forward";
  • Social Networks: Examining how the ripple effect applies to social networks; and
  • Travel: At a time when air travel has become an ordeal, this project aims to "produce a set of recommendations to enhance air travel."

There you have it: so many ways to become a part of TED, and demonstrate that your ideas are, indeed, worth spreading.

Which is what TEDActive is all about:

Jun 12, 2011
by Anonymous

Acci Prevent System for eliminating Overtaking accidents in cars


Accidents happen in a spur of moment .”Most of the accidents
happen due to wrong judgment while overtaking.

“Overtaking” is a virgin phenomenon & will continue occurring
eternally whether in single or bi-directional movements on roads.

In recent past “Use of flasher indicators” has decisively helped in reducing road accidents as they caution & indicate change in the status of direction of moving vehicles.

The need of hour is to declare the exact status of the vehicle in
movement &also declare the “immediate next actions to be happening” irrespective of driver’s desire.

That’s where the “ACCI-PREVENT SYSTEM” comes into picture devised solely by ARUN BANDI author of this article. The system is so conceived &designed so as to give prior intimation to co-drivers such as braking, sudden reduction of speed & sudden acceleration. The system so incorporated in the vehicle exhibit the intentions of driver, &such an intimation comes as an involuntary action from the vehicle itself &not from the driver.

The system can be compared with the involuntary muscular system of the human body, which control the functioning of vital organs of human body &which are fundamental for survival.
Similar approach is taken with this system. Irrespective of driver’s desire the system indicates changing speed ranges , idling, deceleration & and forward acceleration.

All the indications are conventional combinations of STOP, LOOK & GO, the basic traffic lighting system &hence no chance of mistakes.

The salient features of this system are :

ö Accidents of overtaking in unidirectional as well as
bi-directional movement will be

ö Since it is irrespective of driver’s desire the co-drivers can
safeguard themselves by knowing the status declaration of the moving vehicle constantly & can take appropriate actions.

ö Due to constant indication of motional status of vehicle it will
help regulating ongoing traffic & reduce pollution.

ö Traffic in new words ,will have “TOTAL TRANSPERANCY” as everybody’s movement intentions are known to everybody.

öBy any evaluations this will be an innovative value addition to an existing safety standard of vehicle.

Working model of this system is available for
display and demonstration with author.



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