Talking Tissue Boxes Coming Soon?

Tissue BoxTissue Box

When it comes to smart devices we tend to think of a limited set of options. The odds are good that you are thinking about your phone. Maybe you are thinking about the smart clothing that is becoming more and more popular as technology gets smaller. But did you ever picture your tissue box?

Research coming out of the research at Penn State shows that people just might be right for some people. The researchers see this as part of a growing trend in smart objects. S. Shyam Sundar, Distinguished Professor of Communications and co-director of the Media Effects Research Laboratory, said the following about the trend in the release, "Smart objects will become more and more a part of our daily lives. We believe the next phase is that objects will start talking and interacting with humans, and our goal is to figure out the best ways for objects to communicate with humans."

The research showed that people are open to items like tissue boxes talking to them. When the researchers taped people interacting with a talking tissue box, placed on a lab desk the results were largely favorable. The tissue box was programmed to say "Here, take a tissue," when someone sneezed near the box. It was also able to say things like "Bless You" and "Take care!" 

Source: EurekaAlert
Image: Morgue File