Talking Toilet Trash Talks On Tokyo TV

"Toto is continuously developing the Japanese toilet", according to the Toto Talk website, and the country's toilet titan is seeking input on just how far their cool commodes can evolve in the future.

One possible direction is being explored by the Neo Test Type-02 toilet now on display at Tokyo's Caretta Shiodome mall. As viewed on a live webcam, Neo 2 cracks jokes about some American cities (Onalaska, in Wisconsin and Texas) whose name sounds like "onara" - the Japanese word for flatulence.

And you thought "toilet humor" was a purely American phenomenon. Check out the commode comedian in this video posted by lovingthemachine:

Toto is featuring their Neo toilet in a series of TV commercials that revolve around a guy who really, REALLY should get out more often having a series of conversations with his toilet. Sort of like the popular Apple Computer ads but more like "I'm Mac, you're a WC".

Topics covered in the 7 commercials (videos may be enjoyed at the Toto Talk website) include riding Japanese trains and Neo's romantic interest, who appears to be a gracefully goose-necked faucet.

Meanwhile back at Shiodome, the Neo Test Type-02 toilet, like the Neo in the TV ads, speaks in an oddly laconic male voice while flapping its lid alligator-style.

The display model also differs by having an insanely long armrest that accommodates almost a dozen different function buttons and voice topic commands, like a rundown on the weather forecast. A counterpart to the armrest appears at the bottom of the Talk Toto website and includes links to the 7 TV commercials.

This writer is not sure users want to interact with their toilets - at least, not to the point of having a conversation in situ. I could be wrong, though, because all new technology seems strange and unusual at first but we eventually get used to it and take it for granted. I, for one, welcome our new talking toilets... but will they welcome us after sampling the All-U-Can-Eat buffet at Spicy Sam's Indo-Mexican Curry Chimichanga-Rama? (via News On Japan and Crave/Cnet)

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Dec 9, 2009
by Anonymous

I have a lot of laugh on

I have a lot of laugh on this one. But seriously, a great idea. Maybe the creator are alone and unaccompanied to think this idea. Like me talking to mirror while making essay papers thinking I have a conversation with some one. hahaha!