'Tamagotchi Plus Color' Updates the Original Digital Pocket Pet

Technicolor Tamagotchi returns, better & brighter than before!Technicolor Tamagotchi returns, better & brighter than before!
Tamagotchi, the digital pet that became a Nineties icon, is making a colorful comeback! Hoping to repeat the phenomenal success of its digital pet, Bandai has added an LCD color screen and upped the digital content to match.  

"Tamagotchi Plus Color" is scheduled to be released this coming November 23, nearly a dozen years to the day after the first generation digital pets were released to huge acclaim. Almost 75 million Tamagotchi's of all types have been sold by Bandai and with a track record like that, it's no wonder the Japanese toy titan isn't willing to let the concept fade away.

While the Tamagotchi Plus Color still features familiar, roughly detailed avatars, they now appear in color. The on-board programming is also upgraded to take advantage of the capabilities of the 1.52 inch thin-film LCD screen, allowing the Tamagotchi creature to get dirty (and look it), change its own coloring and reflect changes in the weather. Check out Bandai's interactive flash page here for more info & imagery.

The Tamagotchi Plus Color comes in 7 different case colors including white, black, pink, magenta, orange, green and blue. It's said to cost 5,040 yen or about $48 - a hefty jump from the $15 or so the original Tama's cost!

It's not certain whether Tamagotchi Plus Color will make it across to these shores in time for the holiday shopping season, but regardless Bandai has high hopes for the re-badged, re-launched digi-pets - sales are projected to be 200,000 by year end. (via Mainichi Daily News)

Oct 17, 2008
by Anonymous


Of course i'm gonna get one!If daddy allows it of course!It looks really cute with the weather changing and the home and all!I'm even starting to get bored of black and white!I hope willl release soon!

Feb 17, 2009
by Anonymous

Do u know if its gonna be in

Do u know if its gonna be in english??? coz i cant read japanese!!!

Feb 27, 2009
by Anonymous

When & how

I am a tamagotchi lover myself and I want to now when will it come and is it ever going to come because I heard a rumor going on that they will never come to the US and I don't want a tamagotchi that's shipped all the way from Japan and in a language that I can't understand.