Tanning Booth App Gives A Virtual Sunkissed Look


Where can you get a beautiful sunless tan for just 99 cents?  In the virtual world of course!  There is a new Tanning Booth app available for all mobile devices.  It gives your image a toasty tanned glow.  Users get to choose just how golden they want to be with the help of a tan-o-meter.  It may not be quite the beauty makeover you had in mind, but it could make you look rather impressive to your virtual followers.


I am extremely pasty, especially in the winter months (oh, who am I kidding? – all year long) so this could be a good option for me.  It is probably my only real chance at a deep bronze look.  Of course, when people then see me in real life it will be extra shocking!

Talk about getting an instant glow!  This is about the quickest, safest and least streaky tan you are ever going to get.   You can get the Tanning Booth app here.

Source: ShinyShiny, ITunes 

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