Tanya Aguiniga's Art Crosses Into Funky

Tanya Aguiniga has some captivating ideas about contemporary furniture and accessory design, ranging from funky to quirky and everything in between. Currently based out of L.A., this young artist grew up crossing the border every day from Tijuana to go to school in San Diego. Her art is a reflection of that cultural line she walked growing up, and reflects the duality inherent within it. Also an activist, Aguiniga’s work is informed by the economic, social and political disparities that informed her youth, as well as the interconnectedness of two very different societies. Her art gives voice to the unseen aspects of everyday objects that often go unnoticed – the shadow side, or unseen parts of a larger whole.

The shadow chair works to its edge, and requires a wall to find completion. Shining a light on it produces an image of its totality, but in the dark we aren't privy to its full potential.


the greater holethe greater hole

The Hole Table brings into question the necessity of the solidity of a table (Hrmmm... this seems to be a theme ...). Is it possible to fill in the gaps? Will the bare minimum suffice?


power napping in naturepower napping in nature

Should you happen to feel the need to lie down amidst leaves and logs like some kind of forest-dweller in need of a nap, the Forest Roll allows you to do just that. When you're finished you can roll it up, bust out your pan-pipes, and prance along on your merry way.


Like a hug... almostLike a hug... almost

The embrace lounge has a hidden, body-shaped curve in it, allowing you to feel the comfort of a warm embrace. This piece was inspired by the need for a hug while away from home.

Aside from furniture design, Aguiniga has also played with various textiles and felted accessories. These days she is working to merge furniture design and community activism. She's been busy making a name for herself on the international front as well as locally, and recently recieved a prestigious U.S. Artists Fellowship. She is currently working on a permanent installation for toddlers dubbed "Texture Forest," scheduled to open next month at the San Diego Children's Musuem.

Sources: design blog, la city beat, and aguiniga design

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Feb 1, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

i want this

doesn't it look comfortable. ahh the good old days ...wait what am i saying.