Tap Along To This Game Boy Beat (And No, It's Not What You Think)

You're probably thinking that what I'm about to let you listen to (and watch) is some of that classic 8-bit music that Nintendo's Game Boy plays but like the title says, it's not what you're expecting at all.

You know that old commercial that used to run in the movie theaters about some guys and gals banging on objects to create a single, coherent, and surprisingly catchy and rhythmic beat? It's the one highlighting the sound system of the theater where someone begins by banging a huge empty can and others follow by adding the sound of the mop hitting the floor and all that. I think it was the surround sound trailer for THX or Dolby, but I'm not sure. I tried looking for the video on YouTube but I couldn't find it.

Anyway, if you were able to get what I meant then you'll more or less understand what this Game Boy music video will be about. It's hard to put this sort of things into words (although I did already try), so here's the video for you to enjoy:

Impressive, right? If you happened to chance upon this article expecting some 8-bit music then I wouldn't want to disappoint you either. So here's some impressively generated 8-bit music that is literally created with the use of several modded Game Boys and an electric guitar:

And yes, a lot of Game Boys were sacrificed in the making of the pedals.