TAPP Is A Smart Fingerprint Padlock

The days of forgetting your combination code or keys are officially over, according to a team of inventors in Toronto, Canada.

Pishon Lab has unveiled TAPP (also called Tapplock), which they claim is the world’s first padlock that allows users to unlock their valuables using their unique fingerprint.

“This unique padlock will allow users the freedom to access without a key, combination code, or smartphone,” explains its team of inventors. “As a result, there is no risk of losing the keys, forgetting the combination code, or getting the locks picked. TAPP utilizes an advanced encrypted fingerprint sensor to unlock within one second. All it requires is a tap using the users' unique fingerprint.”

What makes this padlock so unique is that you can access it 24/7 from wherever you are on your smartphone, using Bluetooth 4.1.

A Padlock For The Modern Age

TAPP utilizes a high-tech fingerprint sensor and it opens in just 0.8 seconds. Yes, this is definitely one of the fastest padlocks on earth as we know it. It was designed to protect your personal belongings and it is equipped with a built-in alarm that will activate if someone without authorization tampers with it.

Through your trusty smartphone, the TappLock app allows you to grant anyone access to your lock no matter where you are in the world. You can store up to 200 fingerprints, and you can also customize time, location and the exact duration of access. And with the quick tap on your smartphone you can cancel someone’s access to the lock. With this lock you are always in control, whether you are at home, across town, or on a beach soaking up the rays.

The app also provides notifications on your smartphone in real time. So, if someone you don’t know is trying to open your lock or if your battery is low, then your smartphone will communicate with you instantly at all times. .

And this padlock has “secure” written all over it. It has a built-in alarm and has a 100 per cent solid steel body. TAPP is also light but very strong, and it is water resistant. Its battery will last a long time too. In fact its lithium polymer battery will last up to three years on just one single charge.

What’s even better with this padlock is that it doubles as a phone charger, so you always will have juice for your smartphone.

TAPP Is A Padlock Above The Rest

So, what is the cost for this high-tech padlock? No worries, it doesn’t even come close to breaking the bank: TAPP retails for $66.00. There is also the TAPP Lite version that is $44.00.

TAPP can be used for traveling, locker, storage units and sheds, and you can also use it to keep your bike locked up.

A padlock like this should do well on the market. It’s convenient, strong, reliable, secure, and you can control who opens and closes it from your smartphone.

The real seller with this technology is its fingerprint recognition feature.

Will we see more padlocks like this in the near future?