Taranis Is A Smart And Deadly Drone

The United Kingdom has unveiled a new weapon – the most secretive and powerful in the entire world.

Called the Taranis, this drone can reach speeds of more than 700 mph. It’s a done you will never get to see; you will only hear the shrill of its sonic boom high above in the skies.

BAE Systems, a British defense, security and aerospace company based in London, spent the last decade developing Taranis (named after the God of Thunder in Celtic mythology), at a cost of nearly 300-million (USD).

The Taranis will never be detected on the radar and it is hailed as the most advanced-state-of-the-art drone ever built.

This done will carry out a number of important duties for the British military: it will gather surveillance and intelligence to stay one step ahead of the enemy, and it will also serve as a powerful and deadly weapon that will tactfully carry out intense strikes in war zones and hostile territories.

While there are a number of war-like-drones that have been developed, nothing comes close to the Taranis. The Taranis is an unmanned stealth combat drone that holds the bragging rights as the fastest and most sophisticated drone that will soon take to the skies.

The New Superdrone

According to BAE, the Taranis can strike with precision over a long range while remaining completely undetected by the enemy. The done is 39 feet long and has a 32-foot wingspan, and from the ground a human pilot maneuvers it through the skies.

Even better is that the Taranis has a mind of its own. By following a scheduled flight path it seeks out target-areas that pose a threat. The drone communicates this information back to a pilot on the ground. From a computer screen a pilot will alert the drone to destroy the target (s). Once the okay is given, the drone unleashes its wrath.

Taranis Is A Powerful And Secret Done

Of course getting more details on this new superdrone is tough. BAE Systems and the British military don’t want the enemy to know too many details on their new powerful weapon that will always remain undetected in the skies.

But one thing is for sure – we all now know that there is no other drone like it: It is unmanned and controlled by a pilot from a base camp; it is amazingly fast; it will never show up on the radar; it is slick and stylish in design; and it is simply and purely deadly when it attacks its target.

So when you hear a sonic boom above you and don’t see anything, then chances are the Taranis is nearby.
But then again that’s a scary thought. The Taranis only probes, and attacks hostile places.

So, you will know you are in the wrong place when you hear this drone rip through the skies.

The enemy can always run, but they can never hide with the Taranis in the skies.