10 + Tart Warmer Gifts For The Best Home Fragrances

Eccolights Christmas tart & oil warmerEccolights Christmas tart & oil warmerSome years ago a friend sent me a 'tart warmer'' for Christmas.  Tarts in this context are like mini candles, but they don't have candle wicks.  They are not meant to be burned directly, but warmed by another heating element, like a tea light or light bulb. And boy, does a tart warmer emit fragrance!  Candle burning doesn't compare!

I had burned more than half of a Donna Karan votive candle in my bathroom, and I decided to warm the rest of it (maybe about 1/2 an inch) in my new tart warmer.  That was five years ago, and the same candle is still in the warmer emitting a wonderful fragrance when I use it.  Now, I've got another tart warmer for the kitchen warming cinnamon wax tarts (great to hide burned food smells). And because it's Christmas, my third tart warmer emits the fragrance of evergreen from wax potpourri I made.

Here's a collection of decorative tart warmers you might want to share with friends this Christmas or buy for yourself. You can slice up your favorite candles, buy special tarts, wax potpourris, or even burn oil fragrances in them.


1.  Bird Cage Tart & Oil Warmer

 The Bird Cage just requires a tea light on the bottom of the cage to warm the tart or oil, which is placed in the feed bowl hanging from the top.  Soaps n' Stuff has a wide assortment of tea warmers that are designed to suit nature, pet, beach, home, sports, and home lovers. (Update: Soaps n' Stuff is no longer available so please take a look here instead.)


Bird Cage Tart & Oil WarmerBird Cage Tart & Oil Warmer


2.  Gourmet Kitchen Tart & Oil Warmer

Got a gourmet cook in your life?  This is one of the many Tart & Oil Warmers at Soaps & Stuff. (Update: Soaps n' Stuff is no longer available so please take a look here instead.)


Gourmet Kitchen Tart & Oil WarmerGourmet Kitchen Tart & Oil Warmer


3.  Ambience Lighting Oil & Tart Warmer

Birch Happenings.com has a beautiful collection of Oriental designed oil and tart warmers.  These larger (6" x6") electric warmers are pretty light diffusers as well, and you can even control them with a dimmer.  Made of real wood and glass.


Dark wood bonsai tree design oil & tart warmerDark wood bonsai tree design oil & tart warmer


4. Christmas Themed Glass Tart & Oil Warmer

Eccolights makes some really beautiful hand-painted glass tart warmers, and this electric Christmas themed light is just one of many. (By the way, Eccolights has a deal just for our readers: get 10 percent off your purchase just by entering the word INVENTSOMETHING upon checkout!)


Eccolights Christmas themed hand-painted glass tart & oil warmerEccolights Christmas themed hand-painted glass tart & oil warmer


And to give you an idea what's out there in the way of 'tarts' for the warmers, take a look at one assortment of tarts created by Eccolights:  


Soy Wax Tarts, Black Licorice, Soy Candles by EccoLightsSoy Wax Tarts, Black Licorice, Soy Candles by EccoLights


5.  Willow Tree Art Candle and Tart Warmer

The Willow Tree is a 24 watt electric tart warmer that can also be used as a candle warmer, by removing the top bowl and placing a candle (up to 13 ounces) on top of the heating element.  The ceramic material is beautifully rustic.


Willow Tree Art Candle & Tart WarmerWillow Tree Art Candle & Tart Warmer



6.  Rustic Willow Tree Tin Punched Tart and Oil Warmer

There's more than one way to do a Willow Tree and this one has quite a rustic feel and spirit - great for those who love the wild and primitive. This one takes a tea light.


Rustic Willow Tree Tin Tart & Oil WarmerRustic Willow Tree Tin Tart & Oil Warmer


7.  Classic Fruit Tart Warmer

Some nice fruit fragrances, like blueberry or apple, would be wonderfully matched to the Classic Fruit Tart Warmer.  Designed by Debbie Mumm, this tart warmer takes a tea light.  Candle Licious has a nice selection of other tart warmers too!


Classic Fruit Tart WarmerClassic Fruit Tart Warmer


8. Doghouse Wax (Potpourri) Warmer

Aww.  The Doghouse is just so darling.  Using a 30 watt bulb, this electric warmer illuminates a little photo of your dog and heats wax as well.  Wax potpourri might be better for this little warmer; it goes under the roof of the dog house.  This is from Rustic Style Wood N' Stuff, which has several inspirational and religious themed tart warmers.


Doghouse Wax WarmerDoghouse Wax Warmer


9.  Mosaic Tart Burner

I like glass mosaic burners - mostly because of the great shadows it casts on the walls and ceilings.  That effect comes from the tea light inside the warmer.  Just wonderful.  The Mocha Mosaic Tart Burner, shown below, is one of four colors available from the manufacturer.


Mosaic Tart BurnerMosaic Tart Burner


10. Nutcracker Candle Tart Burner

Another Christmas favorite, this ceramic Nutcracker Candle & Tart Burner brings memories of Christmas past with a nostalgic fragrance of your choice.


Nutcracker Candle and Tart BurnerNutcracker Candle and Tart Burner


Nutcracker Candle and Tart Burner: The entrance for the tea light is usually in the back of the tart burner.Nutcracker Candle and Tart Burner: The entrance for the tea light is usually in the back of the tart burner.


11. Peace Angel Tart Burner

Finally, something that we all want for our holidays - be they Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or other religious or agnostic celebration - peace. The lovely earthenware Peace Angel Tart Burner expresses that well with its tea light, which does double duty as a tart warmer. (Update: This burner is no longer available. Another angel burner is available here.)


Peace Angel Tart BurnerPeace Angel Tart Burner


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Dec 10, 2010
by Anonymous


Your collection that you featured are just amazing! I expecially like the Doghouse Wax (Potpourri) Warmer, it's so cute =)

Thank you so much for choosing our custom warmers and soy tarts to be in your article =)

Happy Holidays to you and yours =)

Dec 10, 2010
by Anonymous

Love your writing!

"Now, I've got another tart warmer for the kitchen warming cinnamon wax tarts (great to hide burned food smells)"

For us, its burned food =) lol