Tastebuds: Love Matches Made In Music Heaven

Ever individual has a different idea about what they want when it comes to compatibility with a spouse, it can be educational background, favorite types of movies, shared interest in books, a love of the outdoors, or, in many cases, music. There are plenty of dating websites and matchmaking businesses out there that focus on making love matches between those who have shared interests, but now one targets one in particular!


You might think that the matchmaking business Tastebuds may have something to do with food, but in reality, it focuses on musical taste because that's one interest that apparently people look for in love. People can join this dating site and fill out a profile which is primarily music-focused that way others looking for those with similar music tastes can find them! 

Hey, I guess it could save a few frustrated moments of "can you turn that crap off?"

Jun 22, 2010
by georgeporge

Hmm this seems very niche

Hmm this seems very niche and gimmicky. Sure, it's good if your partner doesn't listen to music that makes you want to stab your ears with knitting needles, but there's so much more to compatibility than just music. To some extent, I'm wary of quantifying things that make up a good match. That's why I started looking into Richard Easton's matchmaking service because it's nice to have that personalized touch. I like that traditional approach to matchmaking, the personal recommendation of one person to another rather than some machine crunching numbers or some special generalized equation. But to each his own, I say. Do what works for you.