Tasty Science - Edible Education For Budding Scientists

Science kits are a dime a dozen, but Tasty Science stands tongue and buds above the rest – help kids learn about science, then eat an experiment or two. Yum!

When it comes to science, kids are often of two minds. Mind #1 says that science is actually pretty neat, what with its ability to blow things up, make things grow and generally be awesome. Mind #2 says that science is a whole bunch of work and that it would be more fun to just go outside and play, or maybe eat a tasty snack.

Now, the Tasty Science kit from Scientific Explorer combines education, enjoyment and eating in one simple (and less than $20!) package.

Tasty Science is founded on the idea that you learn what you eat, and gives kids the chance to make rock candy, soda pop and cupcakes, all with a view to increasing their knowledge of just how the science behind such tasty food works.

What makes rock candy crystallize? Why do cupcakes rise? How come soda is fizzy?

These are questions just about every kid wonders at some point in their young life, and the Tasty Science kit gives them a chance to answer it for themselves and then eat the results. With a focus on teaching kids about acids, bases, yeasts and measurements, Tasty Science provides educational food for thought and not-so-healthy food for consumption.

Some complaints about the product include the fact that many common ingredients required are not present in the kit and that a number of the experiments taste anywhere from “not so great” to “why would anyone eat this”. The soda especially was targeted by reviewers as being particularly unpleasant.

Still, even in those reviews where the quality of the food was called into account, the fun kids had with the kit was not – yum or yuck, Tasty Science provides a great, hands-on way for kids to start learning just how science works.

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Source: Scientific Explorer



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Dec 27, 2011
by Anonymous

tasty science

Tasty science Is really gross only the cookies are good