Tasty, Shiny, Inexpensive and Eco-friendly Christmas Tree Anyone Can Make

via http://mdewtree.com/via http://mdewtree.com/

For anyone out there on a tight holiday budget or really confused about what is more eco-friendly, live Christmas tree or a plastic one, there is great news! You can sip some Mountain Dew, share some with friends and then build an eco-friendly tree with the empty cans, just like the one in the picture here.


It took about 400 or more cans, PVC pipe and construction flags to build this tree. A two litter bottle with a light bulb on the top serves as the star. The tree stands about 6 feet tall and is decorated with lights and a few ornaments. It took about four days to build it. Take a look at it up close on Youtube. 


Inspired to build your own yet? For more inspiration visit the Mountain Dew Christmas Tree website here.


Via ecofriend

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