TatMash: Ink Is For Life, Try Tattoos Before You Buy With This Site!

 Getting a tattoo is one of the biggest decisions you'll make in your life. A tattoo can make a big statement TatMashTatMashabout your design aesthetics and about other personal values. You might think that a tattoo is a decision that can't compare to getting married or buying a house, but both of those things can be walked away from without permanent burn marks (I hope); so it shouldn't be taken lightly.

Those who want to get a tattoo can try out the temporary thing, but they'll never have the opportunity to see the design that they're thinking about putting there forever on their skin until the deed has been done. That's why TatMash has taken a simple concept to tattoos. There are many sites out there that allow users to upload their photo to have a hairstyle applied; but this is the first that allows virtual tattoo experimentation.

With TatMash, users can upload their own photo, and either try out basic tattoo designs provided on the site, or artwork they upload. It's a great way to make sure any image you choose is one that you can stand having on your body the rest of your life!

Via: Springwise