Tatooine Exports Coffee Blend - At Least According to the T-Shirt

Okay, so maybe the Jawas on Tatooine aren't actually making their own coffee.  Let's face it.  They're too busy collecting busted up droids and other junk to care about that beautiful brew that gets us up and going throughout the day.

But-for one day only-you could have had a T-shirt with those little droid-stealing bastards pandering their own brew:

When I first saw this I got excited.  I really wanted to go out and get a bag of Jawa Blend, drink it all up, then save the cool bag.  But, alas... my suspicions were correct.  Jawas don't have the time to make coffee.

This shirt is the product of TeeFury, a super-specialized T-shirt design company that places one... ONLY ONE... shirt on sale each day for $9.  If you miss it, you're outta luck.  And they don't mince words telling you this:

"Each tee goes up for sale everyday at midnight eastern time. Once it sells out, or after 24 hours, whichever comes first, that tee is gone. And when we say, "gone", we mean G-O-N-E - never to be sold again at TeeFury. So, if you see something you like, and it hasn't sold out yet, you better grab one fast before the fat lady sings."

And while I missed out on my Jawa coffee shirt (dammit), I'm gonna keep my eyes on these guys for new stuff.

Here's the Jawa Blend shirt, complete with handsome guy and insanely cute girl to model them:

Not all of their designs are Star Wars related, though many follow similar themes such as pirates, video gaming, and pop culture.  Here are a few examples of the over-the-top creativity that comes out of this place.

The 2010 Teefury CollabTwo

I Eat Pirates for Breakfast

Ape Kong

So THIS is what it looked like from Mario's point of view...  He was braver than I thought!

The Wrath of Charlotte

I imagine the book and movie would have been far shorter had this been the case...

And, being the geek that I am, I have to end on a Star Wars note:

That's one blinged-out walker!  You'd gain massive street-cred toolin' around the city in one of those...

It would be interesting to see how TeeFury would do if actually approached to make shirts for advertising purposes.  Would they extend the sales time beyond 24-hours?

As it is, the artists get paid $1 for each shirt sold with their design on it.  And they get to keep full rights to their art!  That's quite a unique way to generate exposure!

So, even though I missed out on my Jawa Blend shirt, I'm making it a point to check in on TeeFury each morning.  With the variety of artwork provided, there's bound to be some new design coming up that I'll like.

SOURCE: TheForce.net