Tattly: Custom Temporary Tattoos Lets You Test Out Your Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo takes both bravery and commitment, and for those reasons, many Tattly Metallic TattooTattly Metallic Tattoopeople remain tattoo admirers only. You know, from a distance, where there's no needle poking involved. While temporary tattoo alternatives are available on the market, they rarely provide the look and feel of the real thing. Until now.

Tattly is a new company that's all about transforming even the biggest commitment-phobes into people that do more with tattoos than simply admire them from a distance. I won't insert myself into the debate over whether permanent tattoos or Tattly tattoos are superior - but let's just say that the latter offers the coolest tattoo alternative out there.

 There are many ways to define Tattly's operations simply by describing what the business doesn't do, and what it does. They don't offer cookie cutter, stereotypical temporary tattoo designs as their complete selection (although, if that's your thing, you will find a few in their inventory). They do work with artists to design tattoos specifically to support charitable causes. They do offer a series of quirky designs. They do have a Tattly subscription service, and they do custom tattoo designs. 

Tattly SetsTattly Sets

The tattoo designs offered by Tattly cover virtually all categories. From animals, to quotes; tattoos for creative types and typography. When you order a design, it comes with two temporary tattoos to prolong the life of each one. Or, you can choose to order themed sets.  Each Tattly tattoo is designed by one of the many featured artists, and like traditional tattoo artists (the type that inflict pain) they each have their own unique style, which makes the process of selecting a design a more authentic experience. On average, the tattoos are said to last for 2-4 days, so with a pair of the same design, you can keep the look going for a solid week. That's practically a short-term commitment.

Tattly "Raise Hell"Tattly "Raise Hell"

Another cool fact about Tattly is that they're one of those companies that actually has social conscience. They're not just all about slinging tattoos to make it rain twenty- dollar bills all over their headquarters. They work with artists to design unique tattoos to raise awareness, funding or both for not-for-profit businesses. Since starting the initiative they refer to as 'Tattly Does Good' in October 2014, they've created some unique tattoos, like "Raise Hell" which was designed to benefit The Pink Agenda. Not only is this bold tattoo a good conversation starter, but Tattly also sent 80% of the proceeds to the charitable organization. Their initiative has also included designs to benefit the VH1 Save The Music Foundation ,The New York Aquarium, and the Charity: Water Mission.

Tattly SubscriptionsTattly Subscriptions

Tattly's subscription service is pretty similar to other concepts we've seen where you get a surprise box (for the term you've signed up for) each month. The longer the subscription, the less you pay on a monthly basis. Each month you get a selection of 30 designs, both new and old. When you sign up, you are immediately shipped the first ten tattoos. You might find yourself pushing your own limits by wearing designs you'd never pick for yourself, but that's the fun of it. 

Finally, there's the custom tattoo option from Tattly, which is exactly what you think it is. You can have an artist create an original design concept that you've been considering for a permanent tattoo, so you know if you're really ready to take that plunge. Or, you can go the more corporate root and have your own brand logo or message printed in tattoo format so that you stand out at conferences or trade shows. Or, if you're not the suit and tie type, you can create fun tattoos for an event like a bachelor party.

What do you think of Tattly's temporary tattoo business?